Cover Lens

CL(Cover Lens)Business Unit,was established in 2010. Its product lines cover all sizes of cover glasses from camera trimming to PC, which can be used for the protection and decoration of electronic products.  Cover Lens is widely used in mobile phone, tablet, laptop, media player, car navigation systems, industrial control instrument, etc. CL BU has been the core supplier of Samsung, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Coolpad, Letv and other well-known companies. 


Development strategies

Meet the needs of curved surface screen and OLED display and develop the related protective materials and solutions;



Meet the needs of intelligent display and develop solutions that integrate multi-functions includes sensing, display and so on into a panel board.

Product Application
  • Consumer Electronics
    The Display of Car Control
    Home Automation
    Industrial Control Instrument
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